22 days and 6,000 kilometers
on the roads of the Namibia

by Francesca Zannoni

1° day: Windhoek We arrive at the international airport of Windhoek and we withdraw one car near one of the chartering agencies. You keep in mind that, also being an international port of call, the airport is much small and very rarely arrive more airplane at the same time; you will not have therefore the problem of the wait of the baggages! In airport there is a little bar where it is possible to attend the delivery of to uto studying the modalities of the route and drinking a "good namibian coffee". The city is found less than an hour than road, asphalted, a lot little attended and with a not bad panorama. Beautiful the street trusts. One photo to... Danger: warthog, pause is worth one. You remember yourselves that the guide is on the left! To Windhoek telephone 061/228350 can be lodged to the Hotel Pension Moni in 7 Rieks van der Walt Strasse. It's possible to reserve through mail pensionmoni@hgud.de or consulting the www.pensionmoni.hgud.de. If arrived of Sunday, moreover, you keep in mind who all the business activities close them to noon and that the city is not particularly lively, for which you dedicate yourselves to the afternoon rest without guilt senses! To the evening telephone 061/223853 can be had supper to the Gathemann Restaurant in Independence Avenue where the optimal kitchen and an elegant and refined atmosphere is accompanied decidedly to prices contained (15/20 €). Taste the thread of Springbok.
2° day: Windhoek An entire day is indispensable in order to organize the travel, reserving and withdrawing the permissions necessary in order to visit some areas of the Namibia. In order to make it you must o near the office of the Namibia Wildlife Resort (Nwr), is approximately to half of Indipendence Avenue (telephone 061/236975). Remember that in order to enter in the Skeleton Coast or in order to sleep in one of the lodge to the inside of the parks (Etosha, Namib, etc), is necessary the hotel reservation and that this can be carried out only here, for which it is sure worth to the pain to lose one morning in the offices of the Nwr. The afternoon can be dedicated to the visit of the city and its street market. Councils for the purchases: if you want to acquire something truly originates visite them the store "Tikoloshe Africa Root Carving" where you will be able to find animals carved in the log and the roots of trees, the particularitity of these objects is that they are true and own sculptures (from 8 cm to 8 m) that they do not have nothing to that seeing with what found in the stalls (also the price is various, but of it is worth the pain!). Windhoek shop 061-227776 in the pedestrian island. Omaruru Workshop 064-570582 email tiko@iway.na.
If already felt italian house you can go to eat to the restaurant the Dolce Vita, on the pedestrian way (you cannot mistake because there is only one). Beyond to the peak (far from negligible), they make of the strange ones tagliatelle flavored with one zebra stew. The paste in enough good, but is the zebra that it has leaves you a little to us perplexed. To the evening instead it can be had supper to the Restaurant Africa to the inside of the High Festivities in Robert Mugabe Avenue. It's a likeable small restaurant in which being able to taste the traditional plates of the entire continent African, comprised biltong (the meat sand bank, a lot in use in Namibia) and, if you have courage, the worms (worms, you have understood well) of brace mopane. For dessert tasted the mythical Dom Pedro, one true national celebrity.
3° day: Windhoek - Okahandja - Waterberg Plateau - Otijwarongo Depart early in the morning in direction north towards Okahandja, one city to approximately 70 Km from the understood one them that it does not have nothing of particular, but from which it must be passed by force. Therefore... The Waterberg Plateau, instead, is a natural park situated to the inside of an evocative atmosphere with one varied and luxury vegetation. They can be made walks "soft" or be taken risks on the slope in order to see the panorama from the high. If tou are lucky the animals can themselves be seen also that lives inthe park, between which white rhino. If you want it is possible to eat in the restaurant of the park, but within the 14, because then the kitchen closes. Reserving to the Nwr di Windhoek it is possible to spend the night to the inside of the park. Otjiwarongo, than in herero language means "pleasant place", it is one city graceful, and one good intermediate stage before arriving to the Ethosa park. It can be slept to the Otjibamba Lodge, (telephone 067/303133) to approximately 4 Km to south of the city, and on foot be dedicated the last sun moments to safari to the inside of the reservoir private. Given the distances, for the supper it is well to remain to the Lodge.
4° day: Otijwarongo-Meteorite di Hoba-Tsumeb-NamutoniLeft Otijwarongo in the early morning and we leave in order to catch up the national park of the Etosha. Along the B8 road it is arrived to a crossroad, very marked, than door to the meteorite of Hoba. If waited for acclimatizations and suggestions to X-File, left to lose and continued for your road, otherwise you go to us because the meteorite, uncovered in 1920, is largest of the world and hung approximately 60 tons. It' composed mostly of iron and probably fell on the earth 80,000 years ago. In order to see it a ticket of income of 6 namibiani dollars satisfied; moreover with a dollar technical card in various languages is possible to buy one in order to satisfy the own curiosity. On purpose, for it gets passionate to it of the sort to you, the Namibia is famous all over the world for its meteorites!
In order to complete the day you can go to Tsumeb, a mining city, that it boasts the only mineral presence to the world. In city there are banks and telephones publics, for which good base is one before going in the park. We have stopped ourselves for one we dull ago from one italian reached in these chain plates one score of years... To part the atmosphere is retrò and somewhat debatable hygienic conditions, to part the peak that it has intentional to prepare to us at all costs, to part the cappuccino that being Italian she it could not not make, to part the paste that fortunately we are resolutions to avoid... the girl is likeable and remembers a mythical wizard!
If you have not reserved to the Nwr to sleep to the inside of the park of the Etosha is impossible, but in the immediate nearby there are numerous solutions alternatives. We have stopped ourselves to the Mokuti Lodge close to the entrance of Namutoni. In order to reserve he can himself be telephoned to the 067229084 (but they will ask to you for manr they a fax therefore you are sure to have of one to disposition), to send one mail to the mokuti@mweb.com.na or to consult the www.namibsunhotels.com.na/mokutilodge. The hotel is not badly, has a good ones buffet and wanting it organizes excursions guided to the inside of the park, than we have preferred not to take. Of it he is not worth the pain also in consideration of the fact that the roads of the park are indeed a lot very marked.
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